Community outreach

​The Royals goal is to impact the community as effectively as possible. Please contact us on facebook for any ideas to help us impact our community even further.

Our characters

Jessica Hogan ( Elsa)
Leader and Founder of The Royals Project

Our founder


The Royals Project is 100% volunteer based. We work with a team of dedicated volunteers of all ages for the sole purpose of spreading joy within the community.

mission & vision

The Royals Project works together to spread joy and inspiration to the hearts of children. We take on the roles of children’s favorite princes, princesses, superheroes, and other favorite characters.

The idea for The Royals Project came about from when I was a child. I spent a great deal of time in the hospital battling a variety of illnesses. During one of my visits, a clown came to visit me, making my stay a little more durable, even enjoyable. That feeling of joy inspired my original goal for The Royals Project: to make hard times for children a bit more bright. After a few months into the group I discovered how wildly impactful such a small idea could grow to be. I never realized how often communities overlook the hardships children go through, and little is done to better it. I wanted to fill that gap and to spread the joy and encouragement that I felt all those years ago, which is why I started The Royals Project.